Clouds, sun and rainbow

Inspired by London weather.
Easy to make, but it gets kids excited. How does the rainbow get its colours?
You would need to draw rainy clouds on one piece of paper and a rainbow and the sun on the other one. If like me, you are not great at drawing, just print those two pages, you can download them below. Place a rainbow page inside a plastic pocket and trace your rainbow with a marker. Put a paper with rainy clouds inside a pocket, but on top of a rainbow and ask your child to pull.

You can download printable below

Download “Rainbow” printable

Download “Rain” printable

5 thoughts on “Clouds, sun and rainbow”

  1. vncroft
     ·  Reply

    thanks for sharing

  2. ANCA
     ·  Reply

    You are great!@!

  3. Marcos Hardy
     ·  Reply

    What a wonderful idea, thanks for sharing.
    Una idea fantástica, gracias por compartir.

  4. agadre
     ·  Reply

    You blog is awesome!!! very creative.
    The acitivites are so simple and well explained for parents and yet so interesting for kids.
    In this era of kids staring at the screen aimlessly, this is extremely inspirational and very helpful while i’m trying to raise mine low digital.
    Thank you so much!

  5. Lorna
     ·  Reply

    Could not get this to work. When I printed it out and traced the rainbow on clear plastic pocket, it is not dark enough. Probably my printer’s problem.

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