Mirror celebrity

Today we were doing a quite interesting activity with Alex. I have edited photos of Angelina Jolie, Ellen DeGeneres, Mark Zuckerberg and Beyonce and asked Alex to draw other sides of faces. You can see results in the photo.
Please download printable below, do the activity with your kids and share results with hashtag #mirrorcelebrity
I am sure it will be fun to look at

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2 thoughts on “Mirror celebrity”

  1. Ayshaalzayani
     ·  Reply

    Love every effort you put in raising your children.. I am all the way from Bahrain. I try to keep up with your activities as i try to do some of them with my son .. He literally enjoys every activity. So i would like to say THANK YOU & keep it up .

  2. eimonswe
     ·  Reply

    thanks for your post

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