Surprise colour spinners

Max and Alex enjoyed surprise colour spinners today. The first spinner is coloured in red, green and blue. When the spinner turns fast, brain combines colours making it appear white. The second spinner is Benham’s disk and it does the opposite. It is black and white, but when the spinner turns, you can notice that some lines appear coloured.

You can download printable below

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4 thoughts on “Surprise colour spinners”

  1. cyan
     ·  Reply

    how can i download the file? its not pdf . . . thanks

    • Sergei
       ·  Reply

      Just use “Save as”. It is in .JPG

  2. rob
     ·  Reply

    I don’t see the tab to print out the spinners.

    • Sergei
       ·  Reply

      It is at the bottom of the page

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